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A comprehensive service designed to expedite data migration projects in integration of new systems and technologies.
The Modern Challenge of Data Migration

As technology evolves rapidly, the storage formats and standards change, making it necessary to transfer the data from older tape formats to newer ones. This migration process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, requiring careful planning and execution to ensure the integrity and accessibility of the archived data.

However, despite the challenges, data migration—especially during a refresh—is mission-critical for ensuring a smooth transition. Organizations can leverage improved storage capabilities, increased efficiency, and enhanced data security by migrating the data to the latest technology. More so, it allows for the seamless integration of new systems and technologies while preserving the integrity and accessibility of archived information.

Our Data Migration Service

At Scale Services, we prioritize careful planning and execution to protect your customer’s data and minimize disruptions to their operations. Furthermore, we utilize advanced data migration processes that enable seamless data transfer between disparate systems without causing operational interruptions—including hosted, virtual, or SAN-based storage.

Our primary objective is to move data and ensure that access rights are maintained accurately and that data remains accessible after the migration is completed. Our skilled engineers take crucial measures to minimize downtime and the overall impact of the migration on the business.



Proper planning and execution to minimize downtime risks.

Rights & Permissions

Ensure file rights and permissions are retained.

Technology Agnostic

Efficiently migrate data regardless of the technology or system.

Best Practice

Best practices to avoid potential data loss issues.

The Benefits of Professional Data Migration

Each migration is led by an expert architect-engineer who collaborates closely with an implementation engineer to ensure a seamless process. Our engineers engage with the customer’s internal IT team to gain a deep understanding of their unique business model, enabling us to plan meticulously. By thoroughly evaluating the current environment, our engineers analyze data characteristics and access patterns and identify outdated or insignificant data. By removing old data and creating free storage space, we optimize system performance to its fullest potential. During implementation, our certified engineers verify the functionality of crucial components such as multi-pathing, LUNs, and other critical elements in array or host-based/SAN environments. Only after thorough testing do we initiate the data movement process. Following the migration, our engineers conduct comprehensive checks to assess the performance and scalability of the newly implemented equipment, ensuring a successful and efficient transition.

IN STOCK and Ready to Ship

Recertified and refurbished storage, servers and tape from EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, 3Par, Cisco, Brocade, HPE, Quantum, STK, IBM and \many more are available with maintenance agreements. Plus, we can manage your assets when ready for refresh with possible buy-back options.