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Extending your valuable enterprise infrastructure with customized support options

About Scale SERVICE

For over 20 years, our team has served the enterprise storage market with customized support options— enabling companies of all sizes to experience significant ROI and extend the life of their infrastructure.

Our experts in service and support of hardware and software for enterprise storage, compute, networking, and tape libraries offer consistent value. From post-warranty maintenance to refurbished add-ons to IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), our Enterprise IT Support Services team has the expertise and support you need.

Our services are built for both structured and unstructured data sets. Complete lifecycle coverage is our goal with our customers—and we accomplish this by being flexible with all options.


OEM or Scale Service support?
Maintenance Myths vs. Reality

Popular OEM Myths Reality
Want to avoid expensive warranty support? Better buy new.
Not so! By switching to our support, your equipment can keep performing well for as much as an extra 10 years.
You must upgrade your hardware when it hits EOL or EOSL.
EOL and EOSL have little if nothing to do with performance—they’re usually just a way for OEMs to push customers to spend more money. Instead, turn to our support to best stretch out your hardware investment past OEM expiration dates.
Only OEMs can install software updates—nobody else.
Scale Service experts can often obtain updates for your storage environment, suggest workarounds if access issues arise, and inform you if such updates are even necessary.
Without a doubt, the best kind of support is OEM support.
Our support is customized to your environment. Moreover, our expert support engineers often have greater flexibility than OEM engineers to solve a wider range of issues.
OEMs provide a much higher level of service than third parties.
Unlike OEMs—which must also focus on developing and selling products—we are dedicated solely to local customer service and support, and we’re are on hand to meet customers’ evolving needs at any time.