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Anywhere-to-anywhere accelerated data movement solution
Quickly, securely and automatically transfer files from edge to the core to the cloud.

How do you handle your data?

Handling assets across multiple storage locations, users, and groups is a challenge in an ever-growing virtual world. With the advancement in cloud, AI and ML tools enabling workflows, understanding the time and expense of getting content to and from the cloud can be challenging. Additionally, with cloud cost-attractive storage options, many companies are considering using the cloud as their new archive. Still, they need a tool to help them compare the pricing of public clouds and their cloud tiers.


The Data movement Solution

Our solution empowers the global connectivity of companies through seamless integrations that enable the movement of data between multiple storage locations, users, and groups while assigning a cost basis for these movements. In addition, our solution enables end users to search and find assets without the need of the IT department, providing additional knowledge and access to assets without the hassle of learning an entirely new system.


Instantly compare current storage costs to alternate on-prem and cloud-based storage


Quickly, securely, and automatically move data at any scale


Save up to 50% with Automated Data Placement on-prem cloud storage with detailed analytics

Workflow Orchestration

Our platform integrates with industry-leading MAMs to leverage the insight and control of data movements, including duration and cost analysis, all from the MAMs user interface. In addition, we enable the creation of media archives in the cloud which then can be processed by AI/ML tools.

Large Data Footprint

The costs associated with managing massive amounts of data both on-prem and in the cloud can be overwhelming. We make it simple by providing flexible and predictable cost analysis for companies to handle their assets better as they flow through the production pipeline.

Tracking by User/Group/Project

Our platform correlates data movement to each end user, group, or project, tracking costs and enabling intelligent business decisions. Associate costs of media production from ingest to delivery leveraging our platform.

Archiving to the Cloud

Our platform is agnostic in that it can move data between various storage platforms and private and multiple public clouds. With our platform, you can correlate data movement to each end user, group, or a project allowing for more granulated reporting and budgeting. For example, our platform can filter data by access date, project, or user and write data to every tier of storage, thus ensuring the correct data is being moved to the right tier while assigning a cost basis for these movements. Without a seamless integration, costs are less visible, leading to excessive budget overages. We help eliminate these costs through empowerment and visualization of time and costs to the end users.

Processing Assets in the Cloud

Our platform empowers cloud-based AI machine learning by intelligently brokering the movement of pertinent data, such as a lightweight proxy instead of the source asset, to the cloud processing engines reducing time and cost. In addition, search, discovery, automatic captioning and localization, safer content moderation, and new ways to monetize media to the cloud provide flexible and predictable cost analysis enabling companies to handle their media assets better as they flow through the production pipeline.


Agents With Agents, our platform allows for multiple ingest points and end points for the automated orchestration of data movement for remote content creation and editing. In addition, we provide data ingest and empowers remote editing users with direct access to their content.

IN STOCK and Ready to Ship

Recertified and refurbished storage, servers and tape from EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, 3Par, Cisco, Brocade, HPE, Quantum, STK, IBM and \many more are available with maintenance agreements. Plus, we can manage your assets when ready for refresh with possible buy-back options.