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Dell End of Service Life

We make it easy to find the latest End of Service Life (EOSL) dates for your Dell hardware.

ModelEOSL Date
PowerEdge 1400SC7/1/2007
PowerEdge 15507/1/2007
PowerEdge 16507/1/2008
PowerEdge 17508/1/2010
PowerEdge 1800/18504/1/2011
PowerEdge 1900/195012/12/2014
PowerEdge 2400/24504/1/2006
PowerEdge 2500/25507/1/2007
PowerEdge 2600/26502/1/2010
PowerEdge 2800/28501/1/2010
PowerEdge 295010/19/2015
PowerEdge 4300/4400/4600  7/2/2009
PowerEdge 6400/64504/1/2006
PowerEdge 66507/1/2010
PowerEdge 6800/68509/1/2012
PowerEdge 695012/31/2013
PowerEdge 8450  4/1/2006
PowerEdge T11012/19/2022
PowerEdge T3109/1/2012
PowerEdge T4109/1/2012
PowerEdge T6109/1/2012
PowerEdge T710  9/1/2012
PowerEdge R2007/26/2017
PowerEdge R2109/26/2020
PowerEdge R3106/2/2019
PowerEdge R4106/2/2019
PowerEdge R5109/1/2012
PowerEdge R61010/10/2016
PowerEdge R6205/25/2018
PowerEdge R7105/18/2016
PowerEdge R7205/25/2018
PowerEdge R9007/23/2015
PowerEdge R910  3/29/2015
PowerConnect 272411/19/2015
PowerConnect 2824  1/31/2020
SC030, SC0409/30/2018,+SC040
SC200, SC220, SC2805/30/2021,+SC220,+SC280
SC40, SC400, SC4020, SC420  5/31/2022,+SC400,+SC4020,+SC420
VNX 510012/31/2020
VNX 58001/30/2023
VNX 7600  1/30/2023
PS4000E, PS4000X, PS4000XV PS4100E, PS4100X  10/31/2018,+PS4000X,+PS4000XV+PS4100E,+PS4100X
PS6000E, PS6000S, PS6000X, PS6000XV, PS6000SXV11/30/2018,+PS6000S,+PS6000X,+PS6000XV,+PS6000SXV
PS6010E, PS6010X, PS6010XV  6/26/2019,+PS6010X,+PS6010XV
PowerEdge M915  9/13/2022
MD1000, MD1200, MD122011/19/2018,+MD1200,+MD1220
Unity 300F7/31/2025
Unity 350F2/3/2024
Unity 400F7/31/2025
Unity 450F2/3/2024
Unity 550F2/3/2024
Unity 650F  2/3/2024