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As Animal Logic’s three-year warranty on their large Isilon infrastructure neared expiration, they recognized the importance of planning ahead for contingencies. Aware of Scale Service’s reputation for expertise in supporting hardware and OneFS post-Year 3, the independent creative digital studio sought their guidance to explore options for the future storage of multi-petabytes of video.

Scale Service’s offerings not only promised flexibility and cost savings but also presented a very affordable solution to prolong the return on investment on the Isilon during this transitional phase. Moreover, Scale Logic introduced the VAST Data Platform as an innovative all-flash NAS solution, addressing numerous challenges for Animal Logic that competitors struggle to overcome.

With Scale Service’s comprehensive support and cutting-edge technology offerings, Animal Logic found themselves well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of storage infrastructure.

Harvard Medical School faced a dual challenge—procuring a refurbished Isilon standalone cluster along with six add-on nodes for an existing cluster; and acquiring support for legacy production clusters for a transitional period of one year.

To address these needs, Scale Service provided additional Gen 6 nodes to augment clusters experiencing capacity issues, delivered a standalone cluster as a data migration target, and offered a production SLA for a sizable DR cluster, ensuring round-the-clock support for one year.

The end result was substantial savings for both Harvard Medical School and the reseller. The reseller gained full-service legacy support, allowing them to manage the entire refresh cycle while capitalizing on margins typically unavailable. Additionally, Scale Service’s intervention prompted the displacement of the incumbent EMC—enabling Harvard Medical School to save $100k in service funds.

As the OEM warranty on the enterprise tape library managed by DIVA software neared expiration, the NHL confronted the challenge of migrating a vast amount of data—measured in many petabytes—to the cloud.

In response, Scale Service formed a strategic partnership with the company overseeing the DIVA migration to provide crucial support for the tape infrastructure throughout the NHL’s lengthy three-year project duration.

This collaboration resulted in the NHL gaining the flexibility it needed to ensure a thorough and successful migration process, all while realizing substantial savings in support costs compared to traditional OEM support. Ultimately, the project’s end goal was not only achieved but exceeded expectations, with plans in place to potentially recoup value from the library for the NHL in the future.

Multinational pharmaceutical giant Merck needed help to maintain their aging storage infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. Scale Service stepped in to provide comprehensive maintenance and services for a variety of systems including VMax, HP9000, Netapp, VNX, and others across multiple continents.

In addition to keeping these systems operational, Scale Service performed secure data wipes on over 30 Netapp arrays prior to their removal, ensuring data security and compliance.

Merck experienced substantial cost savings as Scale Service’s support enabled them to keep existing systems running while new systems were being implemented. This approach not only addressed data security concerns but also facilitated a seamless transition during decommissioning.

Quest Diagnostics faced the possibility of critical disk space shortages across multiple Isilon clusters throughout the United States. To address these urgent issues and prevent potential data loss, Scale Service swiftly intervened by deploying numerous Gen5 Isilon nodes across various locations—and effectively resolved the disk space challenges that threatened Quest Diagnostics’ operations.

Scale Service also seamlessly integrated the new Isilon nodes into existing clusters running OneFS 8.2, providing technical support throughout the installation process and ensuring system stability. Delighted with Scale Service’s exceptional support, Quest Diagnostics terminated their longstanding third-party support provider mid-year and entered into a contract with Scale Service, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Quest Diagnostics’ high satisfaction was further reinforced by Scale Service’s comprehensive expertise in resolving both hardware and OneFS issues—a capability that distinguished them from larger companies.

Following the expiration of its Isilon cluster warranty, Squarespace found themselves in need of continued support. In response, Myriad360, an integrator working with Squarespace, enlisted the expertise of Scale Service to address this need. Scale Service achieved remarkable savings for Squarespace, slashing the client’s support costs by an impressive 75% compared to Dell/EMC’s renewal rates. This substantial reduction in expenses not only provided Squarespace with much-needed financial relief but also ensured the uninterrupted operation of their infrastructure. Expressing great satisfaction with the outcome, Squarespace recently renewed their support contract with Scale Service for the third consecutive year.
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