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Cisco End of Service Life

We make it easy to find the latest End of Service Life (EOSL) dates for your Cisco hardware.

ModelEOSL Date
Catalyst 35601/28/2021
Catalyst 65004/6/2021
Catalyst 490010/5/2021
Catalyst 45007/4/2019
Catalyst 375010/5/2021
Catalyst 2950  10/31/2013
Nexus 95007/31/2022
Nexus 93002/19/2023
Nexus 70004/30/2022
Nexus 60004/30/2022
Nexus 55005/31/2024
Nexus 3064  6/30/2021
ASA 5500 Series  10/31/2019
9120 Fibre Channel Switch9/25/2012
9124 Fibre Channel Switch1/31/2019
9124e Fibre Channel Switch1/31/2019
9134 Fibre Channel Switch2/29/2016
9140 Fibre Channel Switch10/10/2013
9148 Fibre Channel Switch10/31/2020
9216 Fibre Channel Switch8/23/2014
9222i Fibre Channel Switch4/30/2020
9500 Fiber Channel Switch6/30/2021
9506 Fiber Channel Switch  6/30/2021
ASR 100004/06/2021
ISR 194112/31/2021
ISR 290012/31/2022
ISR 390012/31/2022
ISR 7600  7/30/2021
Meraki ANT-114/24/2022
Meraki ANT-134/24/2022
Meraki MR1210/24/2022
Meraki MR165/31/2021
Meraki MR183/31/2024
Meraki MR245/31/2021
Meraki MR265/9/2023
Meraki MR323/31/2024
Meraki MR4210/31/2023
Meraki MR6211/15/2024
Meraki MR666/9/2024
Meraki MR724/30/2024
Meraki MS22  4/30/2021
Meraki MS224/30/2021
Meraki MS220-24 L27/29/2024
Meraki MS220-48 L27/29/2024
Meraki MS220-48FP L27/29/2024
Meraki MS220-48LP L27/29/2024
Meraki MS22P4/26/2021
Meraki MS424/26/2021
Meraki MS42010/31/2023
Meraki MS42P4/26/2021
Meraki MX6010/24/2022
Meraki MX60W10/24/2022