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Hitachi End of Service Life

We make it easy to find the latest End of Service Life (EOSL) dates for your Hitachi hardware.

ModelEOSL Date
AMS2500  9/30/2017
HUS 1106/30/2021
HUS 1306/30/2021
HUS 1506/30/2021
HUS DF850S6/30/2021
HUS DF850MH6/30/2021
HUS HM7006/30/2021
HUS VM  6/30/2021
HNAS 210012/3/2013
HNAS 220012/3/2013
HNAS 30808/27/2019
HNAS 30908/27/2019
HNAS 31007/5/2016
HNAS 320011/18/2018
HNAS 4040  6/30/2022
VSP F4003/31/2024
VSP F6003/31/2024
VSP F8003/3/2024
VSP F15009/30/2025
VSP G2004/1/2024
VSP G4004/1/2024
VSP G6004/1/2024
VSP G8004/1/2024
VSP G10006/30/2022
VSP G1500  9/30/2025
HCP VM  9/30/2016
Hitachi HUS-VM  6/30/2021