SoDA Data Management Software
Ecosystem-aware, storage-agnostic software for optimizing and analyzing the placement of unstructured data.

Don't let data complexity bring down your bottom line.

Many challenges can arise when trying to manage unstructured data across today’s modern storage ecosystem, including on-prem and cloud storage tiers. Without the information to identify and move the right content to the cloud storage tier, users risk accurately tracking data movement, storage cost and time by user, group or project; and may experience multiple silos of expensive proprietary data storage.

The solution to data complexity is here.

With SoDA, everyone on your data team is brought closer to the data—enabling them to find, analyze, and resolve data issues. Using our data observability platform and open-source tools, teams can trust in the data products they create.

Monitor Data Health

Use dashboards and anomaly detection to automatically monitor and manage the health of your data.

Manage Data Quality

From ingestion to consumption, SoDA enables you to use a common language to check and manage data quality across all data sources.

Ensure Expectations Align

Easily track data quality agreements made between domain teams to ensure that your data is fit for purpose.

Resolve Incidents

Triage, analyze and resolve data incidents using your favorite tools, breaking down data silos.

Data management. Simplified.

Regardless of vertical market, two challenges exist in data center environments: being able to move data and files quickly, securely and automatically from anywhere to anywhere; and having visibility into the cost of storage. We eliminate those challenges—and more.

Manage Your Data

  • Ecosystem-Aware, Storage-Agnostic
  • Policy-Based or On-Demand
  • Filtering & Custom Tagging
  • Global Visibility and Control

Analyze Your Data

  • Forecasting & Predictive Analysis
  • Real-time Speed & Cost
  • Budgeting
  • Bill back & Chargeback

Move Your Data

  • Multithreaded Scanner
  • Move-Copy-Sync
  • UDP/Multipart File Acceleration
  • Checksum

Budget Your Data

  • Move Cold Data to Cheaper Storage
  • Avoid Capacity Expansions
  • Avoid Surprise Cloud Bill
  • Choose the Right Storage Tier

Define & Align Data Quality Expectations.

By easily tracking data agreements between domain teams, we ensure your data is always fit for purpose:

  • Use agreements workflow to align on data expectations
  • Enjoy simplified collaboration between data domain teams
  • Benefit from one language that defines what “good data” looks like

Health Dashboards for all Your Datasets.

SoDA dashboards answer critical questions about the health and quality of your data:

  • Is your data aligning with data quality agreements?
  • Does your data have good testing coverage?
  • Are data best practices being used by your team?

Assign & Overcome Your Data Challenges.

It’s easy to kick-off and track incident tickets using SoDA—streamlining issue resolution and decreasing data downtime.

  • Integrate with your existing ticketing system
  • Create incidents at the dataset or record
  • Resolve issues by assigning the right people

Integrate Tools Within Your Stack.

ISoDA integrates with many tools your data team is already using:

  • Slack and email for communication and collaboration
  • Alation, Amundsen, Metaphor data catalogs
  • Jira, Opsgenie, and ServiceNow for incident management

Any-to-Any Mobility & Visibility

We have you covered from the environment, protocol, OS, cloud-type storage tier, and more.

Any Environment

On-prem, hybrid, multi-cloud

Any Cloud

Mac, Windows, Linux

Any Storage

NAS, SAN, DAS, Object

Any Environment

AWS, Azure, Google, B2, Wasabi

Any Protocol

NFS, SMB, S3, Blob, GCP

Any Cloud Storage Tier


IN STOCK and Ready to Ship

Recertified and refurbished storage, servers and tape from EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, 3Par, Cisco, Brocade, HPE, Quantum, STK, IBM and \many more are available with maintenance agreements. Plus, we can manage your assets when ready for refresh with possible buy-back options.